We're not just a brand, we’re a movement

"Sustainability and preserving nature has long been one of the core values in Finland, the country where I grew up. After living abroad for almost 10 years, mainly in Israel, Sweden, the U.S. and now Indonesia, I've learned that this is something very far from obvious in other parts of the world. There is no planet B. My goal is to spread the importance of preserving natureconscious consumerismhealthy living and to encourage every household to reduce unnecessary waste.

Coconut shell is an agricultural waste and is typically subject to open burning which contributes significantly to CO2 and methane emissions. We use discarded coconuts and handcraft them into beautiful, long-lasting bowls using only natural materials. Yes, even polished with 100% coconut oil.

As we strive to educate our customers about plastic-free and zero-waste living, a portion of our profit goes towards supporting the removal of plastic from the ocean.

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Founder at My Coconut Bowls