Rainbowl healthy vegan smoothie bowl in a coconut bowl

2-3 Frozen Bananas Fresh Papaya
Fresh Mango
Dragon Fruit
Chia Seeds


Cashew Nuts
Coconut Flakes (Optional: mixed with Spirulina)
Chia Seeds

Blend half of the frozen bananas, fresh papaya and mango. Pour the blend into a separate bowl. Blend dragon fruit and the rest of the bananas. Stir the chia seeds into the second mix and refrigerate for 2-3 minutes.

Use a solid object divide the coconut bowl to down the middle (this can be a small plate or a blender lid). Pour one mix into one side of the bowl and the other mix into the opposite side. Remove the divider and add the toppings.

vegan smoothie bowl in a coconut bowl

vegan chef cece heart

When making a smoothie bowl, there are a lot of factors that come into play! I like to use organic, fresh, plant-based ingredients that offer high amounts of nutritional value, taste delicious and use as many colors as possible! 

While we chose ingredients to make this smoothie bowl both look and taste tantalizing, it's also filled with superfoods that will bring you optimal health, glowing skin and improved digestion. We've got a lot of fiber and antioxidants in this recipe so it's an easy way to load up on vitamins and start your morning off with tons of energy!

Once more that's:

Glowing skin!

Immune booster!

Improved digestion!

Clean, sustained energy!

Super yummy!

Banana: Low GI, high in potassium (lowers blood pressure), manganese (helps metabolize protein), lots of fiber (improves digestion), low calorie (good for weight loss), vitamin B6! Bananas because they are so dense in nutrients make for a great energy pump for before workout!

Papaya: Great for skin, it's low calorie, high fiber, vitamin C (immune booster), antioxidants, low sugar (doesn't spike insulin), vitmain A (correlates to vision/eye health), beta carotene (skin and nails)! Papaya is like skin's superfood! From a "nature signature" standpoint, papaya skin looks and feels like human skin, an indication from nature that it's helpful to that area!

Dragon fruit: Feel good color! The pink hue will make you smile! The deep color holds antioxidants, Vit C, fatty acids (help you break down proteins), high fiber content and makes all dishes pink and beautiful. What's not to love?

Chia seeds: Super food high in protein: chia seeds have more omega 3 than salmon gram per gram and their amino acids help you to break all that down and metabolize it into the body! These little guys don't stop there: fill up on manganese, magnesium (just to name a few) while you're at it! They also expand into jelly and will help you feel full longer so they're always a good thing to add!

Notes about the recipe:

If you're not recording yourself, you can use the same blender for both colors/flavors but if you use pink first your orange will be a different shade. Experiment and have fun with your rainbow!

Decorating should be fun so don't worry about getting it perfect just take the ingredients and make your own piece of art! 

Something helpful to note: the fruits used in this recipe have a lot of water in them so no need to add any more. Be patient with the blender and scrape the sides or stir if necessary but no water is needed. If you feel your mixture is too watery, you can place it in the freezer and keep stirring it to get it to firm up. 

Let me know how you liked it!”


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