How to eliminate plastic from your household

You may already be trying to ditch plastic from your life, but let’s be honest, living totally plastic-free is not always possible and in some cases completely out of our budget. Some plastic alternatives can be expensive, others simply can’t replace them completely. However, there are many efforts we can make and with the consistent commitment our small steps will make the world a better place.

Buy in bulk

Bring your container and buy your rice, pasta, beans or nuts in bulk. If your nearest grocery store doesn’t offer the option to buy in bulk, with some googling you’ll easily find other stores in your neighborhood that do that. Don’t use plastic bags, instead bring a reusable container, paper or grocery bag.

Say no to fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic

Nature is wise enough to cover fresh fruit meat to protect it from the outside world. We usually peel it off before eating the fruit too. Any other plastic cover is unnecessary, is used only once and will end up in the landfill. Buy fruit and vegetables from the local market. Not only you’ll know where your food comes from, but you’ll also support local farmers as well.

Use a shampoo bar

Swap plastic shampoo and conditioner bottler for natural shampoo bars. One bar will last you approximately 80 washes and saves money as well. You'll find these bars in nearly all zero-waste stores around the world.

Bamboo Straw

 It is estimated that just in the U.S alone 500 million straws are used every single day and that 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches. Only 9% is recycled and the majority ends up in landfills and eventually in the ocean. Bamboo straws are ideal for hot drinks and are a safer option instead of mainstream plastic straws. Not only do they make an evening with friends more fun, but they also make all of your drinks look exotic on your feed as well! 

Coconut bowls

Coconut bowls are a fantastic alternative to regular plastic or ceramic bowls. Made of natural and compostable coconut shells that would have normally been discarded and burnt. Bowls from My Coconut Bowls are polished with only coconut oil without the use of wax or other chemicals. This makes them suitable even for the youngest and most sensitive family members. 

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